Enable Apple us-keyboard umlaut support on Windows (alt+u)

download autohotkey, for windows add script with following content
   Send, "
   Send, ß

Multiple User Dungeon (MUD) - Preview [2]

played around with perlin noise generators. used it to generate sophisticated cell maps. my python perlin noise implementation attached.

  • state toggle implemented (used by inventory and chat view)
  • enemy AI improved

Multiple User Dungeon (MUD) - Preview [1]

see exclusively a screenshot of my first MUD game project. obviously in an pre alpha state but its slowly growing up.

interesting facts:
  • fully implemented in python
  • persistence database storrage
  • realtime multiplayer rpg. up to 5 players
  • random generated world, zones will be lazy loaded
  • tons of items and enemies
  • cross platform, only use a telnet client
  • roguelike basis
  • classes, races, attributes and skill trees

my first two pixel arts

My first two pixel arts. Based on a really good tutorial from Glauber Kotaki found here

Upgrade to Playstation Plus without credit card PS4

you have no credit card but would like to upgrade your playstation network account to an playstation plus account you can only do that by buying a playstation plus prepaid card, consider your country e.g. get it here

activate it on your console -> select your profile -> store -> insert code

activation either with web-psn (activate code) or balanced psn-store do not work! so if you dont want do buy games, movies or tv stuff dont charge your psn account with money. there is no way to transfer it back.

teebuster.com rss feed

wrote a teebusters.com rss feed

  • update designs immediately every 48h
  • show design information (checkin date, design name, design artist)
  • attach design image
available at https://desyblog.de/teebusters.xml

tetris - computer graphics project

implemented a tetris fork on webgl, using tree.js framework
this was a project work on computer graphics oth-regensburg
three.js framework
tetris live

python - distributed systems

python small distributed system projects (bank system)

middleware technologies:
  • sockets
  • reflection
  • restful
  • rpc
  • ice
>> download <<

string limits utf-8 (basic plane ucs-2)

wrote a little javascrpit file to approximate maximum allocation memory of stings character set: utf8 (basic plane ucs-2)
string limits utf-8 (basic plane ucs-2)

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